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  • Crowded roads

  • High emissions

  • Innovative private mobility offerings

  • Digital offers lagging behind


  • Offer your passengers maximum flexibility on their commute

  • Transform your mobility infrastructure into an intermodal, demand-based mobility service

  • Profit from our extensive experience with public transport providers

  • Run your independent, demand-based public transport system without third parties

  • Digitise analysis and planning procedures

  • Make public transport accessible to everyone with ridepooling

  • Solve first and last-mile accessibility for your customers

  • Save on costs and acquire new customers

  • Reduce cars in the city and curb traffic


Duisburger Verkehrsgesellschaft (DVG)


Duisburg, Germany

City population


World premiere in Duisburg

In September 2017 the city of Duisburg’s public transport company, DVG, became the first to run an on-demand ridepooling service as a fully integrated part of the public transport network. Using door2door’s platform, DVG successfully transformed from a fixed-route and fixed-schedule service into a dynamic & digitalised service.

Realising the need for change

DVG has been facing a number of challenges, which have led to the decision to integrate on-demand ridepooling services into their current network:

  • Running public transportation during off-peak hours or in suburban areas has long been unfeasible and unprofitable.
  • The city of Duisburg suffered from high personal car usage and congestion during rush hour. Given the waiting time and lacking first and last mile accessibility, many people still opted for their car.
  • The rise of competing services such as cab-hailing apps and car sharing, offering a level of comfort similar to the private car, threatened to lure passengers away from public transportation while putting even more cars on the road.

Finding the right partner

DVG is a publicly run transport provider coming from a traditional line of business. As such, they were looking for a long-term partner for their digital transformation. door2door presented DVG with a field-tested and mature product with convincing future potential and a visionary and tech-savvy team.

Interview with Birgit Adler

DVG Project Coordinator

DVG is proud to expand its passenger transport to include myBUS, a truly future-oriented tool, and to play a pioneering role alongside door2door when it comes to demand-driven mobility.

Birgit Adler, DVG Project Coordinator

  • September 2016

    Start of cooperation

  • November 2016

    Launch of DVG Route Planner

  • January 2017

    Launch of Insights

  • September 2017

    Closed test phase of myBUS (Ridepool)

  • October 2017

    Public launch of DVG myBUS

  • 2018 onwards

    Expansion of fleet & operating parameters

Fast implementation

Working on the project, we quickly found common ground and were able to progress at a fast pace to overcome regulatory and concessional issues to bring a new form of publicly operated service on the road. door2door’s innovative nature helped maintain enough flexibility to adjust to changing demands along the way. Together we managed to move from initial talks at the start of our cooperation to the final launch of DVG myBUS within the set timeframe of 12 months.

Further expansion

Dynamic demand-responsive transportation reduces the operational costs for DVG by adjusting supply to demand. It makes public transportation easily accessible for every potential passenger. Ridepooling combines passengers with similar routes, thus reducing the number of cars on the road. Plans to serve more passengers have already been announced with the option of extending the operating area and expanding the fleet of operating shuttles.

Splash Screen

Booking Screen
for DVG myBUS

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The novelty here is that a city is using the platform as well as door2door’s app and that it’s fully integrated into the DVG brand.

Jonas Jansen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 26.10.2017

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