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We help cities and transport companies transform their mobility portfolio

We help cities and transport companies transform their mobility portfolio

We deliver solutions and technology for your Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform.

  • You need data-driven analysis, planning & simulations to model a multimodal transport system?

  • You’d like to implement on-demand ridepool mobility solutions - intelligently integrated into existing offerings?

  • You need a mobile app for multimodal route planning?

With our software components, we deliver solutions for every MaaS use case. From business planning to the integration of new offerings, we advise you every step along the way. Whether all-in-one solutions or individual components, our products have open standards and can be seamlessly integrated into existing eco-systems.

Consulting & Training

Our Mobility Experts advise you along the way.

We identify economically and ecologically suitable areas for on-demand ridepooling. We enable you to calculate the relevant KPIs to develop an effective and viable business model for your on-demand fleet. Our solutions are intelligently integrated into existing public transport systems - which is indispensable for a sustainable mobility transformation. We already know exactly the right way to go, even before operations begin – this enables us to pursue a policy of expanding mobility services only when and where demand exists.

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Trusted by public transport operators, city authorities and companies across Europe

"We instantly spoke a common language, inspired one another and shared the same idea of integrating various services into a single mobility chain. I believe launching the service today is a major achievement, one that only teamwork has made possible."

Birgit Adler, Project Coordinator at Duisburger Verkehrsbetriebe, Germany

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